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Ignorance is Bliss! #NameTheRapper @TopDawgEnt #TDE

And do I believe life is so sweet?
It will be even sweeter than a cherry tree

We’ll look back someday and realise today’s just a rehearsal, I see

Only joy and laughter to gauge me off the brink
Of this silly madness and fake smiles that we call beef

So I seek,
an oasis of indifference
to keep me away from these black and white militants
of hate or lack of love that still breathes

But if the moon takes the place of the sun in a day,
Would that pretend our hearts of gold into shades of grey?
I dunno, but I do know we were born ready-made,
so i need not a lame version of how to float in the sky for longer than a day

We’re guided safely ashore
The wind is calm, the water still
We’re firmer in pace but wary
Cos the unending turbulence still speaks

What moves us fearlessly? Faith!

An indelible mark of destiny;
A prolonged silence amidst troubles, doubt and worry

A reproach against feeble will that stifles all that it may; A cast set of patterns that holds stronger my will

A unique psyche that saves in the face of danger;
A random prefix to the individual character.

I hear you flow with the wind, I duck;
What wind? You call out to my ignorance. The wings you cling to, I respond.
So you snap out of oblivion and catch yourself before you fall.

Faith is no left-sided biggie, faith is no right-handed shortie. Faith is you tall on your feet against the wind and the tide only but to say with dignity that: Ignorance is bliss.


Resentment becomes Respect #WorldRefugeeDay

I remember when I first saw you
It was hate at first sight
Resentment and disregard brewed within me like a burning bush laced with whips and scorpions

But a chance still came through
A chance at redemption; to turn this resentment to a positive tree
However, you no even send me

Back and forth we went till we could no longer stand each other
Eventually destiny brought us back together
This time to know each other better; to see us gush with smiles while in harsh weather

It was then that I knew you, saw the real you, and respected you for being you
I knew, that I misjudged you

Why did I even hate you in the first place?
Y‎ou’re just like me. A mortal man.

Maybe the next time I see you,‎
I’ll pretend like it was just the evil ‎
A past tense never to brew so pitiful
That feel of pure resentment, never again will see through. ‎